The Future of Outdoor Advertising: What Role Will LED Video Walls Play?

As the world is becoming more digitized and people can access anything at their fingertips, paper-printed billboards look unattractive and dead, people need more aesthetically pleasing, dynamic, and eye-catching live images and videos. 

Outdoor advertising has been a staple form of marketing over the past decades, now, one of the emerging technologies that successfully got the attention is the interactive displays of outdoor LED video walls which are trending and popularly used in the brand strategies of many companies for outdoor advertising.

With so much competition in the business world, brands are thinking of new ways of creative advertising to grab people’s attention toward their products, and services, and even trying lucrative ways to get donations. You might be familiar with the viral donation campaign of “social swipe” by Misereor which is using immersive display technology to get donations.

In this blog, we will discuss what does the future hold for outdoor LED video displays? Here are some hot trends to watch which are revolutionizing the advertising industry.

1. Experiential Marketing:

As consumers are bombarded by ads everywhere, they are increasingly looking for immersive, interactive experiences that capture their attention. Thus, outdoor LED displays are used for interactive experiential marketing. The use of outdoor LED video walls can provide customers with immersive, dynamic, interactive environments that engage them more deeply. It is easy to create displays with dynamic and animated content that displays vibrant and high-resolution images and videos through LED displays. Displays with LED technology provide more customized options to suit every business’s needs. They can be tailored as business needs change and consumer tastes change, enhancing the experience for both parties. With more advancements in LED display solutions, we can expect more immersive technology with 4D, 5D, and more.

2. Visibility:

The mesmerizing LED displays capture the attention of the viewers quickly and hold it for a long time. This is due to the fact that interactive visuals tend to stick in the brain for a longer period of time. LED outdoor video walls increase your brand’s visibility with their bright LED lights, which are designed to be visible even in bright sunlight and turn heads at night. In the bright sun and poor weather, traditional billboards fail to convey messages but LED video walls outdoor displays can withstand any weather for longer periods of time, making them immortal. LED displays will continue to thrive and more and more companies will start using them to increase their brand’s visibility.

3. Sustainable and Energy Efficient:

The consumer is looking for brands that are authentic, transparent, and sustainable. They want to know that the brands they engage with share their values and are committed to social and environmental responsibility. Since brands need to customize their ads to resonate with their audience, they need to change them from time to time. In traditional billboards, ads are usually printed on plastic, and if the ad or message changes, it contributes to pollution and additional costs. LED video walls are a sustainable and energy-efficient option owing to the use of LED lights that consume less energy, as well as the ability to easily and quickly change the display images and messages using advanced content management systems. Thus, consumers can interact with brands more efficiently and sustainably through an immersive, interactive experience of outdoor LED displays. With more advanced advertising technology LED displays will become more energy-efficient.

4. Easy Control and Integration:

With LED displays, it is so easy to change the message and display without incurring additional costs. Traditional billboards required labor and additional costs of changing the display and reprinting the new one. Several big companies are choosing digital signage because it offers them easier and more centralized control. LED outdoor video walls can be controlled with advanced content management systems that integrate easily with LED control tools and software. A predicted future trend for this can be that outdoor LED video walls will allow control through mobile phones, allowing flexibility of control from anywhere in the world.

5. Collaboration and Communication Solutions:

We are evolving into a technology-driven society where there are newer and better ways for us to collaborate and communicate. It is possible for LED video walls to become a vital tool in collaboration and visual communication. Several large corporations have already started using LED displays in their events, seminars, and video conferences. A LED display can be used in meetings, and video conferences, and can be used during presentations to display data and graphics, making the experience more engaging and memorable. The use of LED display technology is not just limited to offices anymore; schools are also using it for events and to teach students.

6. Cost-effective:

As the use of outdoor LED video walls increases and their production costs decline, this technology is becoming a more cost-effective option for businesses. They are also cost-effective in comparison to traditional billboards because they do not require the use of labor or high costs for the billboard displays to be changed. There are several advantages of investing in an LED video wall, especially in light of its reliability and weather resistance, which makes it one of the best options for long-term investment and provides value for money

7. AI revolution:

There is no doubt that with the amalgamation of artificial intelligence into outdoor LED video wall displays, they will be improved in many ways. In the near future, AI is set to become a growing trend like wildfire, bringing about drastic changes in display solutions. This will allow marketers to do targeted advertising based on the consumer behavior of the people in the surrounding area, through location-based advertising.  Artificial intelligence could, for example, analyze user behavior and adjust the content displayed on an LED video wall as a result. It is possible to display targeted advertising based on a user’s location using LED video walls with the use of AI, GPS, and other location-based technologies. For example, a LED video wall in a busy shopping district may display ads for discounts and promotions happening at nearby stores. When consumers are on-the-go, dynamic content is more engaging and effective than static ads.

Wrapping up:

There is a bright future ahead for the outdoor ad tech industry, and LED video walls are set to shape it significantly. The innovative displays offer a number of advantages over traditional billboards, including dynamic content, eye-catching visuals, and the ability to display multiple ads at once. The technology will continue to improve, so we can expect LED video walls to be used in outdoor advertising in increasingly creative ways. It’s time to start thinking about how LED video walls can help you make a splash with your next advertising campaign. Check out Infonics to get the best audience-engaging and advanced outdoor LED video wall display solution for your brand.

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